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  • 那些致力於建立可帶來收入的線上專案的人。
  • 尋求經濟獨立、渴望創作自由並且希望按照自己時間表工作的個體。
  • 這裡是一個連結您與其他具有相似價值觀的特別人才的平台,讓您能夠進行深度的交流和分享經驗。



Unlike Facebook and online chat groups, this platform focuses on promoting in-depth and meaningful discussions. This is a unique space for those interested in marketing, product development, landing page reviews, and sharing about startups or blogs. We encourage members to explore the latest technology news and promote innovative thinking.

Welcome here:

Those who are dedicated to building online projects that generate revenue.
Individuals who seek financial independence, desire creative freedom, and want to work on their own schedule.
This is a platform that connects you with other special talents with similar values, allowing you to communicate in depth and share experiences.
Whether you're looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, want to optimize your online presence, or are interested in current market trends, this is the ideal community. We encourage members to establish in-depth and valuable dialogues and grow together by sharing knowledge and experience.

On this platform, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and build meaningful professional relationships. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a professional interested in innovation and industry trends, this is the ideal place for you to inspire each other with other independent thinkers.